Industrial Laundry

From hotels to high volume tunnel facilities, SHUTOUT specializes in providing high quality laundry chemicals and applying the science to make them work.

  • In-house Ph.D.Laundry Specialists:
    Getting the chemistry right based on your water conditions.
  • Remote access of pumps:
    On demand consumption reports & dosing adjustments.
  • Educational Sessions:
    Educating laundry staff is key to ensuring safe & consistent results.
Educational Sessions

Education is key to getting the most out of your products.
This is why our factory trained technicians spend time helping your staff transition to the SHUTOUT system in person then leave behind posters reminding them about the best practices.

Requesting a price quote and/or sample:

If you’re interested in getting a price quote on SHUTOUT’s laundry chemicals, simply send us a message on the contact form below or feel free to give us a call. To get started, one of Shutout’s knowledgeable technicians will visit your property to collect a small sample of your tap water in a lab grade container and ask a few questions about the types of laundry you do. The SHUTOUT® Laundry Science Lab will perform a few tests on your water sample and provide you with a detailed price-per-load quote. The best part is, the quote is specific to your exact water conditions, the size of your washing machine(s) and the type(s) of laundry you do (whites, colors, delicates, greasy coveralls etc.)

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